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Dino's Lodge
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Dean Martin, Dean Martin, and more Dino. For the Old Fashioned pallies ONLY!

Community Info

Welcome to the "old fashioned" Dean Martin community!

There are a few Dino communities, but this is the community to be in. Why?, you inquiring minds may ask (as well as "did she spell inquiring right?"). Because you get Dino here, and nothing else. As in, you may not wanna sign the register here if you have a bunch of other interests that don't jive with "Dean Martin". We're an old-fashioned bunch, so, so is this community.

If you say to yourself, "I love Dino, and I'm into all the 'old' stuff, too! I'm gonna join!" Great. We'll take a little look-see at your userinfo and approve you. We don't ask much once you get past the velvet rope in here, but try to watch these few simple rules:

1. It's all about Dino. Don't forget that. We're here to love on him, not the other way around. And, all posts should be about him or his pallies (be they the Rat Pack or Jimmy Stewart or John Wayne, etc.).
2. You're welcome to share icons, FO banners, pictures, and any other graphics, but if it's a whopping picture (as in, it messes up the page alignment and puts a little scrolly bar at the bottom of the page), please LJ cut that sucker. Also, a bunch of icons should be behind one of them things too.
3. Have fun! Fangirl, "squee", share your collections, favorite youtube videos, or random Dino thoughts.

If you want to introduce yourself, we'd appreciate all new pallies filling this little thing out:

How long have you been a Dean fan?:
What was the first movie and song of Dean's you heard?:
What is your favorite song (or songs) or album (or what are you listening to a lot lately)?:
What is your favorite Dino movie?:
A few thoughts on why Dean is completely wonderful?:

Remember, "We're just out here for laughs, so if you don't like it--stay!"